Storm clouds over horse paddock at Muyong

Have any chemicals been used on these animals?

There have been no chemical pesticides, super phosphate, herbicides, fertilizer, antibiotics, growth hormones or grain feeds used in the production of these animals. Our property uses natural Mitchell and Flinders grasses grown on virgin soil.

Why aren’t we certified organic when we clearly have an organic product?

The organics industry relies on regulation but also a fair degree of trust. We could easily pass the organics certification process and sell the same meat to you at a much higher ‘organic’ price. We choose not to. We draw on the experience we have gained in dealing with health issues that makes us particularly vigilant when it comes to ensuring chemical free pastures. We are passionate about what we do and make the commitment to you to deliver on our promise of chemical free meat production.

How much meat am I going to get?

For our family of four, 20kg of meat doesn’t last much longer than a couple of weeks, but we realize that we really like our meat! You may like to share the cost and volume of the meat with family or friends. It makes a very economical way to buy excellent quality meat.

Grass fed versus grain fed animals

Mitchell grass plains in a good season at Muyong

Grain feeding produces an even animal/meat with even fat coverage on demand.

Grass feeding produces a much healthier animal, more flavorsome meat but supply can be seasonally affected. In Australia, with our rainfall issues, producing a grass fed product can have its obvious challenges. Grain feeding is a choice that many will make to overcome this problem.

Fat colour

Much can be determined from the colour of the fat on meat. Grain fed animals will have a much whiter fat and grass fed animals will have a yellower fat.

An excerpt from an article Mary G.Enig PhD for the Weston A Price Foundation entitled Dietary Recommendations for Children states:

"Good fats are natural fats from properly fed animals, poultry, and fish.These animal fats supply true vitamin A, vitamin D and the proper cholesterol needed for brain and vision development. The animal fats also supply other fat soluble nutrients that support the immune system such as glycosphingolipids."....

At Mitchell Grass Meats we do not grain feed because we believe in the health giving benefits of a grass fed animal.

Despite mass marketing to the contrary, with all animals, grain fed or grass fed, the tenderness will vary. However, its not just nutrition alone that determines the tenderness. It can be affected by many other important factors such as genetic makeup of the animal, nutrition, low stress handling, the slaughtering techniques and transportation all contribute to the quality of the meat.

At Mitchell Grass Meats, we place high value on good genetics, nutrition, low stress handling techniques and transportation.

We accept that at times our seasons will vary and our ability to supply the meat packs may be affected. This is part of life on the land – particularly with grass fed animals.

We will keep our customers informed if there are any changes to our products.